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10 to 11, and one goal behind, how will Changchun Yatai perform under adversity? On September 26, in the fifth round of the fierce competition in the Changzhou Division of the Chinese Premier League this season, Changchun Yatai scored 100 points in the second half-Gaudí and Tan Long’s "Dillon combination" jointly contributed a goal for the third time. Li Guangwen also used a world wave to represent himself in the 100th league match of Changchun Yatai, marking a successful end. In the end, Changchun Yatai reversed Sichuan Youmusic 3 to 1 and returned to the top of the Changzhou division with a record of 3 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss and 10 points.

10比11,落后一个目标,长春亚泰在逆境中的表现如何? 9月26日,在本赛季中国超级联赛常州分区的激烈比赛的第五轮中,长春亚泰下半场得分100分,高迪和谭龙的“狄龙组合”第三次共同进球。 。李光文还用世界浪潮代表自己参加了长春亚泰第100场联赛,标志着圆满结束。最终,长春亚泰以3胜1平1负10负的战绩,将四川Youmusic 3比1推回常州赛区榜首。



Before this campaign, the club produced a poster with the theme of "Looking forward to 100". On the one hand, it is hoped that Li Guangwen will be able to complete his 100th league game on behalf of Changchun Yatai, and on the other hand, it is hoped that Yatai soldiers will play 100 points and reverse the The dilemma of the first two rounds. Perhaps it was to interact with this "pun" poster. Changchun Yatai coach Babayan adjusted the starting lineup. Li Guangwen changed the first four rounds of the bench role and completed the representative of Changchun Yatai. The 100th league goal. At the same time, Aaron, Yan Zhiyu, and Gaudi also entered the starting list.


In the fierce battle, although the Changchun Yatai team controlled the rhythm of the game, their performance was first down and then up——


In the 55th minute, Zheng Shengxiong scored with a header, Sichuan You must choose 1-0.


In the 65th minute, Gaudi scored a supplementary shot and Changchun Yatai equalized 1-1.


In the 68th minute, Tan Long hit the empty goal and Changchun Yatai overtook 2-1.


In the 74th minute, Li Guangwen scored a long shot and Changchun Yatai led 3-1.


Li Guangwen scored goals in his 100th league match on behalf of Changchun Yatai. The whole team also scored 100 points in the second half, which did not disappoint the fans and the club's "expected 100". After the game, Changchun Yatai team coach Babayan kissed the lawn of the Changzhou Olympic Sports Center. At the scene, there were also a small number of Yatai fans cheering for the soldiers, which greatly increased the confidence of Yatai soldiers.




At 20 o'clock on September 30, Changchun Yatai will face Heilongjiang FC in the sixth round.


Changchun Yatai: goalkeeper: 28 - Shi Xiaotian, guard: 4 - Zhang Xuan, 5 - Sun Jie, 21 - Cui Qi, 24 - Yan Zhiyu




Forwards: 9-Gaudi (87th minute, 15-Diliymiti), 25-Aron (39th minute, 17-Chen Boliang), 29-Tan Long


Babayan: This game is a historic one. I saw the players' hard work and determination to win. When we were sent off on the court, the players actively worked hard and scored 3 goals. Thank the players for their fighting spirit. Through this game, we have more confidence and unity. Everyone quickly came out of the shadow of the previous defeat. Today we won in an unfavorable situation. I believe the team's offensive football will continue. Thanks to the players, the team, the fans who are here, and also wish our opponents good luck.


Media questions


Q: Does the situation of 0 to 1 lagging behind and one less player in the fight will promote the team to equalize and overtake the score?


A: We slowly controlled the situation from the 35th minute in the first half. In the second half, we conceded a goal when the player was sent off, but the players immediately united to reverse the score.


Q: In addition to the goals scored by Gaudi and Tan Long, can the head coach comment on Li Guangwen's goal?


A: It doesn't matter who scores on the court. In such a long preparation period, I ask players to hit the goal whenever they have a chance. There are many scoring opportunities in every game.


Q: There are Changchun Yatai fans cheering on the scene. Does it give the team more confidence?


A: We all want to see fans cheering on the scene. Although the number is small, we have all heard their cheering and cheering. Thank them for their support. We also want to thank those Yatai fans who have been supporting us even though they have not been there. .

答:我们都希望看到现场的球迷欢呼。尽管人数很少,但我们都听到了他们的欢呼声。感谢他们的支持。我们还要感谢即使没有到场也一直支持我们的Yatai粉丝。 。

Round 6 of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese League


Heilongjiang FC vs Changchun Yatai

he i龙江FC vs Changchun ya太

September 30th 20:00

9月30日 20:00

Changzhou Olympic Sports Center


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